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Vol. 92, No. 4 November 09, 2001

Curtain Call
Louis Catron is retiring after 35 years of devotion to the College theatre arts department. Read about his passion for directing plays and educating theatre students.

Student promotes ALS awareness
Learn about a student's attempts at raising money for Amyotrophic Lateral, an eventually fatal disease that currently effects 30,000 Americans.

Acoustic band seeks musical diversity
Turning to Tucker is a student folk-jazz band that usually plays at Aroma's and Lodge 1. Learn how the group came together and the story behind their name.

Overcoming the dress dilemma
See how difficult it can be to obtain the "perfect dress," as several sorority pledges tell their formal dress-finding stories.


Louis Catron (above) directed his first play, "Rhinoceros," at the College during the 1967-68 school year. He also wrote "Centaur, Centaur!" which was staged in 1966, his first year at the College. "Kiss Me Kate," which closed Oct. 21, was the last Mainstage musical of his directing career at the College. He was given a standing ovation. After over 30 years of teaching and directing plays at the college, he will retire this spring.

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Confusion Corner
Weekly editorialist Jill Rowley sits down to share with the rest of the College Community some of her insight and vision. This weeks topic: Crushes are better than the real thing



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