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"Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."
                                                                                  ~~Ambrose Redmoon.


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Louis E. Catron

~ Professor  of  Theatre ~
~ Theatrical  Director~
~Script Consultant~
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(For all those who believe I don't
even own a necktie, much less wear one, see?  A tie! 
This picture was taken for a news story about an award 
and they demanded I find and put on a tie.  Temporarily.)

~A site for creative writers, authors of non-fiction,
playwrights, actors, directors, designers, technicians,
and all of us who are permanent students of the arts~

       "On a day no different than the one now dawning, Shakespeare sat down and started Hamlet, Leonardo stepped to an easel and made the first strokes of the Mona Lisa, and Beethoven took out a sketch book and began the Ninth Symphony."
--adapted from Robert Richardson, Emerson:  The Mind on Fire

Dr. Louis E. Catron
Professor of Theatre
Department of Theatre, Speech, and Dance
College of William and Mary
P. O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, Virginia  23187-8795

Email:   Xlecatr@wm.eduZ (remove the "X" and the "Z," which are there to thwart those fiendish bots that pick up addresses for their ugly spam lists) 
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~MY STUFF (books, articles, interviews)~

For "Broadway Bound"
 discussions of my books,Writing, Producing, and Selling Your Play and Elements of Playwriting (the 
discussion takes the form of a "dialogue" between two people, recommending how to write a play), please click these two sources here:

"Broadway Bound" Dialogue #10
"Broadway Bound" Dialogue #12
For an interview by Jenna 
Glatzer of "Absolute Write"
 regarding my book,
The Power of One:  The Solo 
Play for Playwrights, 
Actors, and Directors,
please click here:

"Absolute Write" interview



This is a reprint of an article I wrote that first was published in Writers Digest .  It now appears in Holly Lisle's Vision.  Click:
“Keep Attribution Simple,” He… 
retorted, uttered, commented, cried,
 dared, voiced, barked, returned, 
greeted, demanded, snapped, observed, and muttered—but…
Seldom Said.
(The title will make sense when you see the article.)  
This link takes you to Holly's front page where you'll find a number of fine articles for writers:  Link.
This way to madness *s*.
For a reprint of an article that
first was published in Writers Digest
that shows writers how to use actors' techniques to create dimensional characters, visit Holly Lisle's Vision
by clicking 
here and scroll down
the "Contents"
on the left side of the page:
“A Touch of Madness: 
The Writer as Actor."



  My professional vitae (the form detailing education, experience, awards, publications,  and more of  that sort of thing that colleges and universities ask of faculty).
Fiction Note

Please go here to this site on Amazon.com to read my short fiction story called "The Good Stuff," a light-hearted magic realism story.
 "The Good Stuff."  

Please go here to read my short story, "Fat Busters, Inc.," a story about--koff koff--the greatest medical development of all time!

"Fat Busters, Inc."  

For a discussion of copyright laws for Directors, Artistic Directors, Departmental Chairs, Teachers, Playwrights, Sound Designers, Choreographers...please click here:
"THEATRE JOBS FOR THEATRE PEOPLE" -- A listing of a nicely large number (more than 30!) sites to help
you find a theatre job.

To view the sites, please click here:
Theatre Job Sites .


For information about stage directions for playwrights, directors, and actors, please click here:
  Stage Directions
"WHAT THEATRE MAJORS LEARN" You have many, many advantages when you seek a non-theatrical job.  At least 25!  Here's an answer to "what can you DO with a theatre major?"  Please click here: 
  What Theatre Majors Learn
For excellent sites to explore theatre on the net, please click here:
"Best" Internet Theatre Sites

They're hard to find, these pictures.  To see some, please click here:
Theatre images, gifs, pictures

For Theatre Folk
For Playwrights
For Directors
For Actors
For Dramaturgs
For Creative Writers
For Non-Fiction Writers
For Students
and even movie versions
of Broadway plays and musicals
For books and movies you 
might enjoy, please click here:
  A PRIMER FOR ACTORS.  Information about auditions, headshots, resumes, your professional website, books for actors.
Click here for "A Primer for Actors."
"Books for Actors."
"Headshots for Actors."
"The Actor's Résumé"
"Audition Techniques"
"Your Actor's Website"
THEATRICAL SUPERSTITIONS AND SAINTS.  That Scottish Play...Bad luck...the Green Room...St. Genesius and St. Vitus...and more. Click here for superstitions.



SITES FOR FICTION AND NON-FICTION WRITERS.    For an annotated list of links for writers--lots of really good sites!--please click here:
Sites for Writers.
For an annotated list of websites
for playwrights, please click here:
Sites for Playwrights

For a link to novelist-screenwriter
(and delightful wit) Karen Hall (M*A*S*H, Judging Amy, Dark Debts),
please click here:
Karen's Home Page

Keith Ryder has been an actor,
director, and designer, and one of my
very best ADs and PSMs.  With all
of that, he also ranks as one of the 
all time Good Guys of the world.
For a link to his current obsession--cakes--please click BKeith's page here 
(and do look at the BKeith Cakes link:
BKeith's Home Page .
. For a link to novelist-screenwriter John Gilstrap (Nathan's Run, At All Costs , others) please click here:
John's Home Page.


For Swinging Sounds, hear Ginny Carr, Bob McBride, and others of the Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet.  They may be performing in a venue near you!  You can listen to excerpts from their NEW CD "When The Sun Goes Down (2002)"--marvelous sounds! 
The site for great sounds.
New Nashville stars Kate Ashby Chiles and Lindsay Blair Wilkinson have teamed up to become "Ashby-Blair" and you'll want to listen to their album, "Beyond the Walls," a mixture of acoustic pop, folk, and country. 


Okay, I'm not objective.  Mattter of fact, I bubble with pride and it is damned exciting to see former students enjoy gigantic successes.  But that aside, please take a look at these books.  You'll find excellent writing and be as impressed as I am!  (And DO urge your local libraries to get them.)

Dark Debts, by Karen HallAmazon link

The Mammoth Cheese, Sheri Holman's latest.  Amazon link.  Neat interview with Sheri at Barnes and Noble link.

The Dress Lodger, by Sheri HolmanAmazon link

A Stolen Tongue, by Sheri HolmanAmazon link

The Mammoth Cheese, by Sheri HomanAmazon link

Sondok: Princess of the Moon and Stars, Korea, A.D. 595 (The Royal Diaries), by Sheri HolmanAmazon link

Scott Free, by John GilstrapAmazon link

At all Costs, by John Gilstrap Amazon link

Even Steven, by John GilstrapAmazon link

Nathan's Run, by John GilstrapAmazon linkAudible Books link

Bombingham, by Anthony GroomsAmazon link

Trouble No More:  Stories, by Anthony GroomsAmazon link.

Paradise Family Guides Big Island of Hawaii:  The Most Complete Guide to Family Fun and Adventure!, by Catherine Bridges Tarleton.   Amazon Link.    

Potluck:  Stories that Taste Like Hawaii, by Catherine Bridges TarletonAmazon link.   

Mr. Mauna Kea, by Catherine Bridges TarletonAmazon link

Killer Heels, Sheryl J. AndersonAmazon link.   Killer Heels webpage.   Sheryl's website link.

Killer Cocktail: A Mollie Forrester Novel, by Sheryl J. Anderson.  Amazon link.   (See link to her website, above.)

The Girl Who Falls Down:  A Biography of Joan McCracken, by Lisa Jo SagollaAmazon link.   

Don't Jettison Medicine:  Resuscitate Your Passion for the Career You Loved!, by Patricia L. Raymond.  Amazon link.  

Colonoscopy:  It'll Crack U Up, by Patricia L. Raymond.   Amazon link. 


  The Potpourri Page.  Photographs (including Glenn Close), newspaper stories, theatre reviews, a farewell speech, and whatever doesn't seem to fit anywhere else. (Right.  That's one way of saying "the grab bag.") Here.


     You see things; 
       and you say, 

    But I dream things that never were; 
       and I say,
       "Why not?"

                             --George Bernard Shaw,
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