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Louis E. Catron

(A partial list of the materials college and universities require)


 B.A.,  Millikin University.  English and Theatre. 
 M.A.,  Southern Illinois University.  Theatre. 
 Ph.D., Southern Illinois University.  Theatre and Speech. 
Graduate Assistant, Southern Illinois University.  Taught 
speech and theatre courses while pursuing MA. 

Director of Speech and Theatre, Lincoln College.  Taught 
speech and theatre classes; directed theatrical productions. 

Graduate Assistant, Southern Illinois University.  Taught 
theatre courses while pursuing Ph.D.

One-year replacement for departmental chairman who was on leave,  Illinois State University.  Administrative duties; taught graduate-level  courses; directed theatrical production.

Professor of Theatre and Speech, College of William and Mary. 
Teach introduction to theatre, beginning and advanced playwriting, play direction, freshman seminars, and other courses in the past.  Have served as acting departmental chair and theatre's artistic director.  William and Mary Theatre director. 


Teaching prizes and honors.

Outstanding Teaching Award, Lincoln College (twice awarded). 

Outstanding Educator of America (national) (twice awarded). 

Outstanding Faculty Award (state award), Council of Higher 
Education, Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Theatre prizes and honors.
Various awards for playwriting and directing.

Nominee, Governor's Awards for the Arts in Virginia.

Outstanding Young Director, Illinois. 

Folio Award, "Best Director of a Musical," A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  William and and Mary Theatre. 

Folio Award, "Best Musical of Season," A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. 

Academic prizes and honors.
Phi Beta Kappa.

Woodrow Wilson Fellow.

John Golden Fellow (twice awarded).

[Several "Who's Who" publications; I don't keep track of these and the only ones I find now are listed below, but I believe there are others.]
Who’s Who in America, 55th Edition. 
Who's Who in Writers, Editors and Poets.
International Authors and Writer's Who's Who.
Who’s Who (2001 edition)

Public service (partial listing).
Chair, Williamsburg Arts Commission.  Founding member.  Served
six-year term.
Virginia Commission for the Arts (state agency). 
Editorial positions. 
Book review editor, Dramatics magazine. 
American Theatre Association, Chair, Projects, Playwriting Project. 
Contributing Writer, Dramatics magazine. 
Theatre 317 and 318, Playwriting.
Theatre 417, Advanced Playwriting.
Theatre 407, Direction.
Theatre 152, Freshman Seminar.
Theatre 302, Intermediate Acting.
Theatre 380, Practicum in Theatre.
Theatre Honors.
(Periodicals are further below.)
Where Have all the Lightning Bugs Gone?  New York:  Samuel French,  Inc. 

Touch the Bluebird's Song.  New York:  Samuel French, Inc.

At a Beetle's Pace.  New York:  Samuel French, Inc. 

Writing, Producing, and Selling Your Play.  Englewood Cliffs, New 
Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1984.  Hard cover and paperback. 

The Director's Vision.  Mountain View, California:  Mayfield 
Publishing Company.  Hard cover.

Playwriting.  Prospect Heights, Illinois:  Waveland Press, Inc., 
1990.  [N.B.  The publisher reports that this is the most 
frequently used text in playwriting courses in colleges and 

Overcoming Director's Mental Blocks About Blocking.  New York, NY:  Samuel French, Inc.

The Elements of Playwriting.  New York:  Macmillan.  [N.B.
Chosen as a selection by the Fireside Book Club.]  Hardcover
and paperback.

The Power of One:  The Solo Play for Playwrights, Actors, and Directors.  Heinemann.

Theatre Sources Dot Com:  Internet Sources for Canadian and American Theatre Workers.  Heinemann.

The Elements of Playwriting.  Re-publication.  Revised; second edition.  Waveland Press. 

Book in Progress.
Illusions and Truth:  A Hands-On Introduction to Theatre.  [N.B.  First ten chapters in hands of publisher.  Peer reviews in progress; I have received fourteen so far.]

(N.B.  The following refers to selected theatrical productions which I directed and which were adjudicated.  It should be observed that for various reasons, primarily pragmatic and financial, adjudication is atypical in theatre.)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  William and
Mary Theatre.   Received two Folio Awards:  “Best  Director, Musical” and “Best Musical of the Season.”  Also  received five nominations for acting, etc.

Crimes of the Heart, by Beth Henley.  William and Mary Theatre, 
Adjudicated by American College Theatre Festival.
Two performers nominated for Irene Ryan acting awards.

Fool for Love and Savage Love, two plays by Sam Shepard.  William and Mary Theatre.  Nominated for American College
Theatre Festival regionals.  ACTF nominated one actor for Irene 
Ryan acting award.

Agnes of God.  William and Mary Theatre.  Taken on tour to
James Madison University and Blue Ridge Community College.


 (N.B.  I have directed some 150-200 major plays and musicals.  The
 following is a partial list of performances.  I do not list directorial
 productions of plays done for class assignments as a graduate or
 undergraduate student.  I also have acted in a large number of 
 productions, but I do not include those here on the premise they
 do not relate to my William and Mary position.)

2001.  Kiss Me Kate.  Musical.  Cole Porter.  William and Mary Theatre.
2001.  Moon over Buffalo.  Ken Ludwig.  William and Mary      Theatre.
1999.  Sylvia.  A. R. Gurney.  William and Mary Theatre.
1998.  Much Ado About Nothing.  Shakespeare.  William and Mary Theatre.
1997.  Crazy for You.  Musical.  William and Mary Theatre.
1997.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Shakespeare.  William and Mary Theatre.
1995.  The Dining Room.  A. R. Gurney.  William and Mary Theatre.
1994.  Chicago.  Musical.  William and Mary Theatre.
1994.  Summer and Smoke.  Tennessee Williams.  William and Mary Theatre.
1993.  Guys and Dolls.  Musical.  William and Mary Theatre.
1992.  The Wake of Jamey Foster.  Beth Henley.  William and Mary Theatre.
1990.  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  Musical.  William and Mary Theatre.
1990.  The Crucible.  Arthur Miller.  William and Mary Theatre.
1987.  Crimes of the Heart.  Beth Henley.  William and Mary Theatre.
1986.  Brighton Beach Memoirs.  Neil Simon.  William and Mary Theatre.
1985.  Fool for Love and Savage/Love.  Two plays by Sam Shepard.  William and Mary Theatre.
1984.  Agnes of God.  John Pielmeier.  William and Mary Theatre.
1983.  Sweeney Todd:  The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Musical.  William and Mary Theatre.
Other representative plays and musicals I have directed at William and Mary
and other theatres (a partial list):
Fiddler on the Roof.  Musical. Damn Yankees.  Musical.  Guys and Dolls. Musical. Measure for Measure (William Shakespeare).  The Birthday Party and The Dumb Waiter (Harold Pinter).  Act Without Words I, Act Without Words II, and Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett).  The Trial of the Catonsville Nine (Daniel Berrigan). A Sleep of Prisoners and Venus Observed (Christopher Fry). The Gnadiges Fraulein and The Glass Menagerie (Tennessee Williams). The House of Bernarda Alba and Yerma (Federico Garcia-Lorca). The Maids (Jean Genet).  The Diary of Anne Frank (Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett).  Bury the Dead (Irwin Shaw). Riders to the Sea (J. M. Synge). The Blacks (Jean Genet). Rhinoceros, The Bald Soprano, and The Lesson (Eugene Ionesco). A Delicate Balance, Zoo Story, and American Dream (Edward Albee). The Investigation (Peter Weiss). The Time of Your Life, The Beautiful People, and Hello Out There (William Saroyan).  Candida and Major Barbara (George Bernard Shaw).  No Exit (Jean-Paul Sartre). The Skin of Our Teeth (Thornton Wilder).  All My Sons and A Memory of Two Mondays (Arthur Miller).  Lysistrata (Aristophanes). Ghosts, An Enemy of the People, and A Doll’s House (Henrik Ibsen).


In addition, I have supervised/advised several hundred student-directed productions, one-act and full-length.

--A partial listing--
(N.B.:  This list focuses on only publications that focus directly on theatre, not other publications.)
Everything's George.  A play.  William and Mary Review, Vol. 5, No. 1, Winter, 1967.  Pages 67-91.
The Actions of Tigers.  A play.  Notes from a Garage Door, Vol. IV, No. 1, December, 1968.

At a Beetle's Pace.  A play.  Dramatics Magazine, May, 1971. Pages 4-8.

Where Have all the Lightning Bugs Gone?  A play. Dramatics Magazine, November, 1971.  Pages 5-9.

Touch the Bluebird's Song.  A play.  Dramatics Magazine, December,  1971.  Pages 5-8. 

"Guidelines for the Beginning Playwright."  Article. Dramatics  Magazine, May, 1981.  Pages 35-37.

"Guidelines for the Beginning Playwright."  Article.  Reprint. The Writer,  November, 1981.  Pages 22-25. 

"Picking the Wright School."  Article.  Dramatics Magazine, April,  1983.  Pages 17-19; 26. 

"Play Publishers/Leasing Agents and You."  Article. Dramatics  Magazine, September, 1984.  Pages 32-41.

"Rx for Playwrights."  Article.  The Writer.  September, 1984.  Pages 20-23; 44.

"A Thirteen Step Pre-Audition Check List."  Article. Dramatics Magazine, March, 1985.  Pages 30-33; 47-48.

"One-on-One:  The Dramatic Monologue."  Article. Dramatics  Magazine, October, 1988.  Pages 29-37.

"Using Foreshadowing to Keep Your Stories on Track."  Article. Writer's Digest magazine.  February, 1989.  Pages 35-37. 

"Fixing Things:  The Director as Trouble-Shooter."  Article. Dramatics Magazine,  May, 1989.  Pages 36-42. 

"Writer as Actor."  Article.  Writer's Digest magazine.  December, 1989.  Pages 34-37. 

"Learn to Love a Good Crew."  Article.  Sail magazine.  March, 1990.  Pages 164-166. 

"Blocking:  Getting Past the Mental Blocks."  Article.  Dramatics Magazine.  April, 1990.  Pages 34-40.

"Sadan laver de et Scene-Arrangement."  Article. Rampelyset (Denmark).  August, 1990.  Pages 8-12. 

"Keep Attribution Simple He...retorted, uttered, offered, commented, cried, dared, voiced, barked, returned, greeted, demanded, snapped, observed, and muttered --- but. . .Seldom Said."  Article.  Writer's Digest.  March, 1991.  Pages 40-42.

"Camcorder 101."  Article.  Teaching Theatre.  Winter, 1991. 

"What Theatre Majors Learn:  what can you do with a theatre degree?"  Dramatics, December, 1991.  Pages 9-11.

"Why Major in Theatre?"  Teaching Theatre.  Summer, 1992.

"Hook Your Readers In Medias Res.  Writer's Digest, September, 1992.  Pages 29-31. 

"Writing the One-Person Show."  Article.  Writer's Digest,  December, 1992.

"Ask Our Experts."  Column.  Writer's Digest, April, 1994.  Page 

"What Theatre Majors Learn."  California Educational Theatre News, Spring, 1995.  (N.B.  This has been frequently reprinted; it is on the internet; I am told it is on many college-university theatre department bulletin boards.)

“The Actors Guide.”  Dramatics Magazine.  November, 1999.

“Theatre on the Web.”  Dramatics Magazine.  January,  1999.

Forthcoming:  “Netting Theatre.”  Accepted by Dramatics Magazine.

Inclusions in Anthologies.
"Guidelines for the Beginning Playwright."  Article.  Reprint in  hardcover anthology, The Writer's Handbook, edited by Sylvia  K. Burack.  Boston:  The Writer, Inc., 1982.  Pages 486-492.

"Using Foreshadowing to Keep Your Stories on Track."   Hardcover anthology, The Writer's Digest Handbook of Novel Writing, Writer's Digest Books.  1992. 

"Writing for Way Off-Broadway."  Writer's Yearbook 1994.  Writer's Digest Books, 1994.  Pages 38-40. 

Foreword for 1, 2, 3, 4 For the Show, Volume 2, by Lewis Heniford. Scarecrow Press.

--Partial Listing--
First from the Sea, First to the Stars:  Hampton Premiere 375th Anniversary Celebration.  Historical pageant/dramatic production, commissioned by the city of Hampton, Virginia, to initiate its year-long 375th anniversary celebration.  Presented in Hampton Coliseum.
Lincoln at Springfield.  Full-length historical drama set in Springfield,
Illinois, immediately after Lincoln’s defeat by Douglas.  First performed Illinois State Museum Theatre, Springfield.  Subsequently produced by other theatres.

Centaur, Centaur!  Full-length modern drama stemming from Viet Nam incident.  Praised by Broadway director Alan Schneider, who optioned it for professional New York production (which did not come to pass).  First performed at the College of William and Mary.

Where Have All The Lightning Bugs Gone?  Has had, for a conservative estimate, several thousand (or more) different productions by various theatres.   It has been presented in every state in the U.S.; often has been presented in Canada; has had several productions in England and Spain.  Published.

Interrogation.  First production was at Dramarena, a New York off-off Broadway company where it was praised by Edward Albee and Stanley Richards.  Had several other off-off Broadway productions.  Several U.S. Senators planned to have it presented in the Library of Congress because the play dealt with "privacy," an issue they were pursuing.

The Actions of Tigers.  First performed Southern Illinois University.

The Rainbow Sign.  (“…and God gave Noah the rainbow sign:  No
more water, the fire next time.”)  Full-length.  First performed College of William and Mary.  Pretty much a total failure and I hope I've burned all copies.

Touch the Bluebird’s Song.  Has had, I would estimate, perhaps 1,000 (or more) productions by different theatres in America and Canada.  Published.

At a Beetle’s Pace.  Aging in a future society when aging is no longer known.  Has had some 1,000 (or more) productions by various theatres in the U.S. and Canada.   Published. 

Abraham Lincoln:  The Giant Killer.  Given staged reading, Southern
Illinois University.


Acting Chair, Department of Theatre and Speech, 1993-94.

Artistic Director, William and Mary Theatre. 

Freshman advisor.

Dramatic Consultant for John Marshall Foundation script project, 
resulting in a film about the life of John Marshall. 

Script consultant, Institute of Outdoor Drama.

Script consultant for a number of plays, television, and motion pictures. 

Judge, playwriting contest, Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Judge, playwriting contest, North Carolina Commission of the Arts.

Frequent adjudicator of plays at national theatre conferences.

Adjudicator-judge of Virginia High School theatre league.

Narrator, film, "Dangerous Marine Animals," produced by Virginia Marine Institute.

Finalist Judge [Playwriting], Writer's Digest annual national writing contest.

Have supervised several hundred student productions of original plays, one-acts and full-lengths.



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