Louis E. Catron.
Personal--Newspaper Stories, Photographs.

Louis E. Catron
Professor of Theatre

Personal Notes: 
Newspaper Stories, 
and those sorts of things.



"Curtain Call"  is a link to one of those "farewell" sort of stories.

Flat Hat Story  is another link to another one of those stories.

The Virginia Gazette theatre critic's annual "best theatre" of the year. 

Back cover of the program for Kiss Me Kate.  I imagine this rates as a "farewell speech."

Alumni Magazine article about the William and Mary Theatre.  Beautiful photographs (although the captions are, sadly, incomplete and don't identify actors and productions) and nicely written material.  Be patient, though:  it loads slowly.

My article, "The Writer as Actor," in the Czech language!  What fun!

My Vitae.  This is the thing held near and dear to college administrators and contains such information as educational background, awards and honors, teaching experience, publications, and more. 



This gives me enhanced understanding about what
it feels like to be a thorn between two beautiful roses.
Left to right:  Glenn Close, the thorn, and Kay Rouse Lark.
We're sitting on the apron of the stage
of Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall.
Behind us is the set for Brighton Beach 
Memoirs, which they had come to see.

A bit more formally dressed...
but no less happy...
Glenn Close and the thorn 
at a different gathering and time.

"There is nothing --  absolutely nothing -- half
so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."
---Ratty to Mole in Kenneth Grahame's classic, 
The Wind in the Willows.

A newspaper candid.
Well...I like that sweater.

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