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Theatre Masks, Theatre Images, Theatre Gifs

        They are hard to find, these images of theatre.  I stol....er, borrowed these from other sites.  Some are, as you'll notice, animated.  Please feel free to copy whatever you want.  

Changing Spotlight

Blinking Stagelight

Red  Star


A Pair of Modern Masks

Changing Mask

Links theatre sites
"Web" Computer

2 Masks

Book and Pen
Turning Pages


Changing Masks


Small star

Metal Masks

Changing Mask


Metal Masks

Book and Pen 




Spotlight One

(This spot will flash, but only for a
limited time.  Fatigue is a nuisance.) 

Spotlight Two

(Like its buddy to the left, 
this spot flashes briefly.)

Animated Spots

Two Masks

Australia Mask


China Mask

China Mask

Actor and Spotlight


Tibet Mask

A Pair of Large Ones

Actor ("acting"!)

Actress ("emoting"!)

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